About this Book

The Canopy of Clouds is currently in draft and is expected to release this year.  If you are interested in reading an early draft, ask nicely by using the CONTACT link.

Plot Synopsis

Clayton Michael Allen is extremely wealthy.

After inheriting a lucrative interplanetary freight business from his father, and realizing that the CM Allen Group was perfectly capable of running without him, Clayton decided to pursue his true passion full-time: big game hunting. His hobby carried him to every corner of the Earth and beyond, to the dusty red plains of Mars and the icy oceans of Europa. His wealth and experience eventually granted him access to the most prized hunting license of all: one share in a Leviathan, the largest animal in the solar system, native to the marshes of Venus.

On the planet, Clayton discovers a dysfunctional world driven by greed, deceit, and dogma. The hunters who share his license are a volatile mixture of mercenaries, wealthy trust-fund brats, and mysterious natives whose motives are shrouded in a fog as thick as the atmosphere of their home planet.  When Clayton realizes that not all is as it seems, he makes a fateful choice that sets him against his hunting party, and a deadly chase ensues.